Modifications and cancellations

Once you've purchased your ticket, if you wish to modify your seat or the departure date you can make changes to your ticket clicking here.

If you wish to cancel your ticket, you can do it by clicking here.

Please take into consideration that these arrangements may involve certain costs depending on, the general conditions of the tickets purchase.

Practical information for passengers

Before travelling with Socibus,check your rights and obligations as a passenger and take into consideration the following luggage limitations, accompanied minors, pets, etc.

Socibus Passenger Regulation

In the case of the transport of musical instruments they have to go in the trunk of the bus exempting the transport company from any damage or deterioration that they may suffer.


Accesibility for people with reduced mobility on Socibus coaches

Socibus coaches count with facilities for people with reduced mobility

If you wish to travel with us and have any mobility problems, we will prepare the coach for you. We have two seats accesible for peolpe with reduced mobility available in all of our coaches.

Please, contact us with enough time (at least 48 h) to prepare the coach for you.

Lost property

Socibus lost property

If you've lost any items in one of our coaches, don't hesitate to contact us.

Please contact us to check about your lost items.

Socibus coach Fleet

BASE coaches

Socibus counts with one of the most modern fleets in the market, when it comfort for its clients and also safety, environmental conscience and accesibility in every vehicle. Every vehicle is renewed every four years maximum, and they are gifted with the most advanced elements in comfort and safety.


The whole fleet has the following safety characteristics:


PLUS Coaches

Information updated 20th May, 2018.