General purchasing conditions through Socibus’s website and phone application

The present website belongs and is operated by the Socibus S.A.  y Secrobus S.L., registered at: 

Estación Sur de Autobuses de Madrid
Calle de Méndez Álvaro, 83
28045 Madrid


Customer service contact number: 902 229 292

The payments of any given purchases are made through the entity BBVA’s (Redsys) official payment channel, equipped with every encrypted and secure data transfer system through the SSL protocol, so that the buyer will always benefit from the protection given by these channels.  

The tickets acquired through the website or phone application are nominative, and the passenger has to justify them through his DNI/ID or similar to be able to access the vehicle. In the case that the potential passenger isn’t the ticket owner, he must provide an authorization of the ticket owner in favor of the ticket holder, accompanied by a photocopy of a legal document. Socibus/Secorbus keeps the right to assert the validity of the ticket, if the identity of the ticket owner can’t be proven.

If a passenger doesn’t show up in the space and time of departure, he will lose his trip and won’t be able to change it or return it.  

If you possess reduced mobility and need an accessible seat, it is essential that you let our customer service staff know with at least 48 hours before departure, before buying a ticket, so that planning and the preparation of the seat is possible.  

Children under the age of 4 pay a 50% of the price of the ticket.  

When purchasing your tickets, you will be offered three types of buses: BASE with standard benefits, PLUS with special benefits, and REFUERZO, which cover exceptional demand peaks and which characteristics can be different to those of BASE buses.  

Regarding the tickets acquired, we put the following management options to your disposition:

These conditions will be applicable both to the tickets bought through our website, phone application or ticket office, and those purchased through a third party (such as travelling agencies or commission agents). 

We inform you that at the time of purchase, you will only be able to see the timetable that has got available seats to purchase, regardless of the existing timetables of the lines. 

This information was updated the 20th May, 2018.